Bus Transfers To and From Sharm El Sheikh Airport

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Buses from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport with Bus Routes and Times

Private carriers provide the only mode of public transportation in Sharm El Sheikh, which is minibuses for passengers. Near the Sharm El Sheikh Airport Passenger Terminal 1, there are bus stops.

The public transportation system in Sharm El Sheikh is unique in that there are no set stops along the route. On-demand pick-up and drop-off are available.

At the airport, all of the buses are full. To avoid being ripped off by the bus driver, it's best to agree on the transfer price ahead of time.

The city hub of Sharm El Sheikh may be reached in 30 minutes or less.


While travelers can arrange their bus transportation in advance, we don't recommend this option.

There are many reasons why buses may not be the best choice for getting around the region:

  • Buses can be crowded and uncomfortable, especially during long journeys.
  • They may not be as reliable as other modes of transportation and can often be delayed or canceled.
  • Buses can be a target for crime, and travelers may be at risk of being mugged or robbed.