Sharm El Sheikh International Airport Parking

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport in Egypt offers a variety of parking options for your safety, protection, and convenience.

The airport provides long-term to short-term parking, so you can find the perfect choice for your needs.

Because Sharm el Sheikh is a purpose-built resort packed with fantastic hotels with their own secure, private parking facilities. Therefore, parking at the airport isn't generally an issue for foreigners and tourists.

Most vacationers who use Sharm el Sheikh International Airport do so as part of organized tour groups or business travelers.

In every instance, the transfers and transportation of these individuals are handled automatically.

Parking Direction at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport

El-Salam Boulevard runs through the airport and Sharm El Sheikh's leisure area, 18 kilometers northeast of its location. The airport buildings are clearly visible from the roadway and impossible to miss. Passengers enter and exit using separate entrances at each terminal.

Parking at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport

When choosing a parking option, consider your safety and security. Long-term parking options are typically more secure, often located in fenced-in areas with security cameras.

Short-term parking is typically located closer to the airport terminal if you're looking for the most convenient option.

No matter which parking option you choose, follow the posted signs and instructions to ensure a safe and convenient experience.

A guarded car park facility is located just outside Terminals 1 and 2. Both short-term and long-term arrangements are available.

Map of Car Parks at Sharm El Sheikh Airport